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Nathan Priest


Nathan is a dedicated Kansas City resident with a lifelong connection to the community. In 2003, he successfully earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting & Business Management from Park University. During that pivotal year, Nathan also obtained his real estate license and directed his expertise towards new construction and residential resales.

Throughout his career, Nathan has taken immense satisfaction in assisting families in starting and growing in their homes. In 2015, fueled by the wealth of experience gained in real estate sales, he made the strategic decision to leverage his knowledge by venturing into residential property investment. Nathan is committed to providing quality housing to an under-served population within our community, thereby making a positive impact on people's lives.


Real Estate Simplified

The Transaction Coordinator



Kerry Underwood

Kerry embarked on her journey in real estate in 2001, dedicating several years to full-time selling. With a passion for the industry, she earned broker's licenses in both Missouri and Kansas. In a transformative move in 2009, Kerry transitioned to a position as a transaction coordinator/personal assistant. This shift not only showcased her versatility but also revealed her true enjoyment and fulfillment in the real estate field. Kerry has since thrived in her role, bringing her experience and commitment to excellence to every transaction.

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